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Community-Based Public Hearings on the Governor’s Recommended FY2019 State Budget; Mental Health Advocacy Day; Matt Habendank and Tiffany Moore Present to House Education Committee; Matt Habendank and Michael Curtis Present at Senate Education Committee; Elizabeth Sightler Educates House Human Services on Developmental Disabilities; Clay Gilberts Educates House Human Services Committee on Substance Use Disoarders; House Health Care Committee Hears Feedback of Governor’s Budget and Act 82 Report; Commissioner of Mental Health Presents to House Appropriations Committee; Commissioner of Health Presents to House Appropriations Committee; House Human Services Receives Agency of Human Services Budget Overview; Con Hogan Weighs in on the Facilities Plan to House Corrections and Institutions Committee; House Approves Budget Adjustment as Amended by the Senate; AHS Secretary Gobeille Runs Through AHS FY19 Budget Proposal for Senate Appropriations

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