The Vermont Council and Vermont Care Network partnership.


Advocacy & Policy

We work to develop and influence public policies that improve the lives of individuals, children, youth, families and communities and that focus on: mental health, addictions, developmental disabilities, health care, education, criminal justice, corrections.

Provider Network

We provide single entity contracting, quality assurance, collaboration with other provider networks and the identification and creation of new opportunities and markets.

Program Innovation

We support the development and implementation of emerging and evidence-based practices and new program models that improve the lives of the people we serve through improved care delivery, system-wide efficiencies and community collaboration.

Technology Innovation

We advance the forefront of health care technology through initiatives such as the development of a system-wide data repository and a state-wide telehealth network. Through our work we provide a return on investment to member agencies, the larger system of care and the state.

Education & Training

We provide educational opportunities and training through conferences and workshops. Theses educational opportunities are geared towards professionals in the field, community partners and the general public to increase skills, improve understanding and develop a more responsive system.

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