Our 14 therapeutic schools have the privilege of working with over 400 of Vermont’s most at-risk students. When children and youth are chronically exposed to adverse experiences that result in significant trauma and distress, the result is often severe emotional, social, and behavioral challenges which significantly compromise their capacity to access public education. Our therapeutic schools, which are embedded in community mental health centers and serve between 5-90 students, provide the intensive supports necessary to allow children and families to feel safe and secure by delivering a broad array of trauma-informed, therapeutic and educational services in partnership with multiple providers.

Decisions for placement into our schools are made by the referring school district through an IEP/504 process, informed by input from mental health providers, educators, and/or child protection teams, as well as the student and his or her family. Unlike other independent schools, families do not enroll their children independently and do not pay private tuition.

Our community-based and team-focused schools reflect a shared commitment to the Vermont philosophy of keeping our kids local and working with their families, school districts and providers to make changes that will carry them successfully into their future.

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