Vermont Care Partners’ FY18 Outcomes and Data Report is in!

VCP is proud to announce the release of the annual FY18 Outcomes and Data report that highlights the positive impact of the 16 Vermont Care Partners’ Network Agencies.

VCP Agencies Support You and Your Neighbors

VCP Agencies provided over 2,000,000 services to nearly 50,000 people with mental health conditions, substance use disorders, and intellectual and developmental disabilities in homes, schools and communities where Vermonters work, live and play.  

VCP Agencies Provide High Quality Services

VCP Agencies provide high quality services to people in Vermont to help them lead full and productive lives. 96% of people who received support said that staff treat them with respect and 93% said that they received the help they needed.  VCP Agency staff report high satisfaction with their jobs and 80% would recommend their Agency to friends and family for employment and 87% for supportive services.

Did you know that Vermont was ranked second by the United Cerebral Palsy Case for Inclusion Report (2016) for their approaches to supports for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities?  VCP Developmental Services Providers, found across the VCP Network, work creatively with community partners to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD)  find and maintain employment in their communities. In 2018, 47% of people with IDD were employed at least 8 hours per week with 95% saying that they liked where they worked.

Agencies provide services to all Vermonters regardless of whether or not the person is receiving services through the Agency.  In 2018, Agencies provided over 370 community education and training events on topics related to mental health, substance use disorders, and intellectual and developmental disabilities, and partner with other healthcare providers and other human service agencies to promote health and well-being for all.

When someone is in crisis, Emergency Services for mental health conditions are accessible from all Agencies 24/7 and Agencies work collaboratively with first responders to provide support where and when it is needed most.

VCP Agencies Make a Difference!

88% of people supported by a VCP Agency report that the services made a difference and 84% said their quality of life improved as a result of the services they received.  More than 50% of Agency services are provided in the community so that people can remain involved in their communities. And, when people require follow up care after hospitalization or more acute care, VCP Agency staff are often there to drive them home and settle them back home with supportive services.

VCP Agencies Are Cost Effective

Agencies provide services where people live, work, play and go to school.  Because of this community-based model of care, Vermont serves 1.6 more people with mental health conditions than the national average resulting in lower use of hospitals and other types of care that are more expensive and often removed from the community.  Because of this, VCP Agencies save Vermont Taxpayers up to $50 million in Medicaid Dollars that would otherwise be spent on emergency department visits and psychiatric hospital admissions.

You Can Make a Difference Too!

VCP Agencies continues to struggle with low reimbursement rates that impact their ability to hire and retain quality staff, build the IT infrastructures needed to compete in the current healthcare environment, and build and support programs that meet the needs of Vermonters that we know WORK and make a difference in their lives.  You can help by donating to an Agency, volunteering to support a program or serve on advisory groups, or contact your representative during the legislative session to let them know you support the work of your VCP Agency.

Vermont Care Partners


Author: Cath Burns, VCP Quality Director