We are proud to present the 2016 Vermont Care Partners’ Outcomes Report. The VCP Network is a community-based system of care specializing in mental health, developmental disability, and substance use services. This system has operated for over 40 years and is comprised of 16 Designated and Specialized Service Agencies located in the communities where you work and live. Designated Agency (DA) and Specialized Service Agency (SSA) programs have successfully moved the point of person-centered care from institutional settings to community and home based services. While member agencies form a coordinated network of care, each agency also provides geographically specific services to best meet the needs of their community.

Data for this report was obtained from various State of Vermont Agency of Human Services Departments, federal sources, network member agencies, and from the Vermont Care Partner’s Data Repository that collects and analyzes network-wide service information. We are excited to have this new tool operational and providing us with immediate information about our network as a whole and for individual agencies via
performance dashboards. The implementation of the repository marks a significant step forward for our network agencies in using data for quality improvement. We realize that access to quality data is paramount in this evolving health care environment, and we are dedicated to providing our network agencies and stakeholders with current information about the impact of our work. We are grateful for your continued support for the important services that we provide Vermonters. We look forward to your feedback.

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