Team Two

Team Two

A statewide training curriculum where law enforcement and mental health crisis workers train together to strengthen collaboration responding to a mental health crisis.

When a mental health crisis arises, whether it is within a family home, at a high school or in a public place, it is critical that the first responders are trained in mental health issues, in mental health law and in working together to resolve the crisis.  Team Two seeks to both educate the first responder and to build the relationships necessary to working together in crisis.  The training provides an overview of relevant mental health statutes and a refresher on mandatory law enforcement mental health training (ACT 80).  Three different scenarios are role played in break-out sessions with local teams of police and mobile crisis workers where specifics of response to the scenarios are discussed in detail.  Small groups report back to the entire group to hear feedback and discuss strategies.  A short video on law enforcement response to situations involving persons with autism is shown and discussed.  Participants learn from a panel presentation which includes a person with mental illness, a family member, a crisis clinician and a law enforcement officer who all share personal stories.  Finally, in another break-out session, the audience hears about resources in their particular region.  


Vermont Care Partners, through VCN, has secured funding through the Vermont Department of Mental Health in partnership with the Department of Public Safety to implement the Team Two curriculum throughout Vermont. Kristin Chandler, Team Two’s Statewide Coordinator, is working under the supervision of Washington County Mental Health to implement the training curriculum where law enforcement and mental health crisis workers collaborate on responding to a mental health crisis. The Vermont Cooperative for Practice Improvement and Innovation is collecting data and conducting the Team Two evaluation. This year, Team Two is being expanded to developmental service crisis workers and 911 responders. 


Keith Clark, Windham County Sheriff

Laurie Emerson, NAMI

Chief Anthony Facos, Montpelier Police Department

Brandon Olson, Vermont Department of Health ADAP

Mourning Fox, LCMHC, Deputy Commissioner Department of Mental Health

Gary Gordon Coordinator, Crisis Services Team, Washington County Mental Health

Kate Lamphere, HCRS ES Director

Jaqueline Leman, Howard START Team

Mary Moulton CEO, Washington County Mental Health

Ed Riddell, M.S., DDS Public Safety Specialist, DDSD / DAIL / AHS / State of Vermont

Lieutenant Garry Scott, Director of Fair and Impartial Policing and Community Affairs, Vermont State Police

Cindy Taylor-Patch, Director of Training, Vermont Police Academy

Spring Edition of Team Two’s Good News Bulletin

“We are pleased to announce the Spring Edition of Team Two’s Good News Bulletin. Team Two is a statewide training program that promotes collaboration between law enforcement and mental health crisis counselors. Please take a look and see all that is going on throughout Vermont.” Click the pdf link to view. 

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Spring Edition of Team Two’s Good News BulletinGood News Bulletin

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