A consolidated look at how the work of individual agencies and the entire Network impacts the lives of Vermonters and the health delivery system at large.

Vermont Care Partners initiated a new phase in evaluating system-wide outcomes in the spring of 2013 with the aim of developing a more cohesive voice and approach to performance measurement.   Our network began using the Results Based Accountability framework in the same year to identify the performance measures that are most meaningful in describing the impact of our work.  Through the ongoing work of a very committed Outcomes Committee composed of network agency representatives, we remain active in discussions about performance measurement at the local and state level. The work of VCP staff as it relates to outcomes is 80% funded through VCN by a HRSA Rural Health Policy Network Development Grant.

Data, Outcomes and Performance Measures

The VCP Outcomes Committee has worked to fine-tune a core measure set.  The goal is to have this measure set in an RBA format and consistently use it across the system for the annual Outcomes Report, Centers of Excellence (ERIN – INSERT LINK TO COE PAGE HERE), AHS Master Grant, and other stakeholder requirements.  Individual network agencies may collect additional measures but the more we can be consistent the more we are able to gauge progress, demonstrate value and address challenges.  Additionally the Outcomes Committee identifies measures that are prioritized for development in the near future.  This may include measures we currently do not have in an electronic format.  We increasingly work through the data repository to identify ways to streamline this reporting and develop data definitions through data governance. We are also working with AHS to use these same measures in the AHS Master Grant as well as staying abreast of health care reform initiatives and developments to ensure alignment across efforts.

Annual Outcomes Report

In addition to providing technical support to network agencies and representation to workgroups at the state level, the Outcomes Group and Vermont Care Partners produces an annual outcomes report that describes progress on the most important measures from year to year. Some highlights from the most recent report are here: https://vermontcarepartners.org/portfolio/files/8-10451_FINAL2016_VCP-Outcomes_WEB_021617.pdf 

How much did we do?

  • In FY16, over 35,000 clients and up to 20,000 additional Vermonters were served through VCP Network Agency programs.
  • Over 2 million services were provided, with half of these services provided in the homes, schools and communities where Vermonters work, live and play.
  • Network staff responded to 50 disasters and/or community crises including homicides and suicides regardless of age, diagnosis or insurance status of those in need.

How well did we do it?

  • 91% of clients responded that they received the services they needed.
  • 95% of clients responded that staff treated them with respect.
  • 88% of clients served by Community Support Programs were seen within one week of discharge from a psychiatric hospital. 
  • These same clients used 10% less hospital bed days compared to FY15.

Is anyone better off?

  • 88.1% of clients with Serious Mental Illness, adults with mental illness, and children with Serious Emotional Disturbance live in a private residence compared to 76.2% nationally.
  • 96% of people served by Developmental Services live in independent community settings.
  • 80% of our youngest children (ages 0 – 6) achieved one or more of their treatment goals
  • 83% of youth with Developmental Disabilities enrolled in a post-secondary program were employed upon graduation
  • 91% of clients responded that the services received made a difference
  • 89% of clients responded that their quality of life improved as a result of the services they received.

PDF Documents

VCP FY 2017 Outcomes ReportVCP FY2016 Outcomes ReportVCP FY2015 Outcomes Report
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