Data Quality

Data Quality

VCP is implementing a statewide network initiative to enable reliable, complete and accurate data for care delivery and coordination, analytics, reporting, and more.

Vermont has initiated momentous changes in the delivery and payment of health care. These changes are organized around the goals of the Triple Aim: better population health; positive patient experience of care; low per capita spending. In order achieve the Triple Aim we are working with our network agencies, community partners and funders to improve data quality.

Data quality is essential to achieving the Triple Aim. Beginning in early 2015 VHCIP contracted with Vermont Information Technology Leaders (VITL) on behalf of VCP to assist our network agencies in establishing a process for improving the quality of the data they collect and use. Rollout of this project is occurring in three phases:

  1. Current State Analysis: collect and review current workflows and develop an ideal state data dictionary.
  2. Gap Analysis: compare the current processes and resulting data quality to the ideal state and identify the gaps.
  3. Process improvement: develop recommendations, compare best practices, and assist members with process improvements that will lead to high quality data.

As of spring 2016, VITL and VCP have finished the majority of the current state and gap analyses and are preparing to meet with our network agencies to present and discuss process improvements.  The long term goal of this project is for the agencies to expand the data quality program to include all of their data.

The importance of having access to complete and reliable data is underscored by the many ways that it is used by our agencies and stakeholders including:

  • Enabling network agencies to make data-informed decisions for care delivery and program level management
  • Identifying areas for improvement of care delivery
  • Population health management
  • Development of new and streamlined outcome measures
  • Monitoring of Network Agency contracts with the State of Vermont/Agency of Human Services
  • Enabling our legislators to understand our work and make decisions about resource allocation
  • Provision of information in order to secure new contacts

Additionally, in the 2014 Legislative Session Act 186 was passed. Act 186 is an act relating to reporting on population-level outcomes and indicators and on program level performance measures.  It requires providers to report outcomes and indicators using data that is complete, accurate and consistent. 

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