Adult Outpatient Services at Vermont’s Designated Agencies

We serve Vermonters, families, organizations, and communities with complex mental health and substance use disorder treatment needs through flexible models, services, and locations.  We provide care to Vermonters that is affordable, regardless of their insurance status.  We partner with the broader health care system in order to improve quality of care.


Central Values:

  • We provide flexible and accessible community-based services and supports.
  • We serve the population (individual, family, community) that is not served elsewhere or that does not fit a qualifying category.
  • Our care is affordable.
  • We use data to guide our approach to treatment.
  • We use evidence-informed treatment models.
  • Advocacy for population served, staff and programs is central to our work.


Services Provided:

•          Individual Outpatient Therapy    

•          Eldercare

•          Reach Up Supports and Services

•          Hospital Discharge Planning

•          Wellness Programming

•          Peer services

•          Employment

•          Services

•          Guardianship Evaluations

•          Trauma Treatment

•          Service Coordination to Address Social Determinants of Health

•          Intensive Outpatient Programs

•          Substance Use Disorder Treatment

•          Court Advocacy

•          Re-entry Programs

•          Crisis/Emergency Evaluations

•          Housing  Supports

•          Assessment and Referral

•          Services for Transition-Aged Youth

•          Family Therapy

•          Group Therapy

•          Collaborative Network Meetings

•          Care Coordination Embedded in Medical Practices

•          Community Collaboratives

•          Trainings for Community Partners to Support Population Health

•          Community Outreach and Services