How Much Did We Do?

VCP network agencies and programs supported
36,000+ clients
and their families,
and thousands more through
community outreach, support, and health promotion
Vermont Care Partners provides
50% of services
in homes, school and communities where Vermonters work, live and play.
Network agencies employed
5,000 Staff
who supported direct, clinical and administrative supports

How Well Did We Do It?

91% of people responded that they received the services they needed.

90% of people responded that staff treated them with respect.

100% of our agencies with mental health programs provide co-occurring services to people struggling with mental health and substance use disorders.

25% of adults with serious mental illness received an evidenced-based supported employment intervention, compared with 2% nationally.

100% of our agencies promote access to preventative primary care, often supporting people’s attendance at appointments and coordinating care when needed.

100% of network mental health agencies provide crisis beds for support for mental health crises as an alternative to psychiatric hospitalization offered at a fraction of the cost.

91% of Vermont’s Supervisory Unions have agency staff embedded in their school buildings increasing access to supportive and therapeutic services.

Is Anyone Better Off?

49% of people served by Developmental Services were employed. 

100% of youth with Developmental Disabilities enrolled in a post-secondary program were employed upon graduation.

17.3% of adults supported by CRT/CSP were employed in the third quarter of FY20, the highest statewide average in 10 years.

90% of clients responded that the services received made a difference.

87% of clients responded that their quality of life improved as a result of the services they received.

1,032 new First Aiders were trained in Mental Health First Aid, a suicide prevention program who, in turn, referred 1,200 youth and adults to care at network agencies.

All agencies provide programs that support the health, safety and wellness of people, communities, and organizations, positively affecting Vermont’s population health outcomes.