Stressed? Overwhelmed? Hopeless? You are not alone. Life has changed dramatically in the past few weeks, but Vermont’s designated and specialized service agencies are still here to help.  Our agencies are now meeting the mental health, substance use disorder and developmental services needs of Vermonters via video and phone. Our virtual doors are open.  Clinical assessment, individual therapy, and 24/7 mental health crisis response – among other services —  are all just a phone call away and are generally covered by your insurance, Medicaid or other public funding.

For many Vermonters, the combination of social isolation, fear, loss, financial stress, and uncertainty for the future can tax our ability to cope. In particular, parenting and care giving on a 24/7 basis can raise the temperature at home.  Feelings of increased anxiety, desperation or depression can take over. 

Although picking up the phone to seek support may feel uncomfortable for some, we are all in this together and need to support each other through this crisis.  Reaching out for support is a healthy response to the stress we are all experiencing and can help you to better support the people you love and care about. Our mental health clinicians are here to provide Vermonters with the support needed to get through this difficult time.

“The ability to use video technology that protects people’s privacy has been a game changer for us during the Coronavirus crisis,” said Mary Moulton, Executive Director of Washington County Mental Health Services.  “Our clinicians can support people remotely with the same high-quality therapeutic care that we were providing before the crisis in offices and through home visits, to keep everyone safe and healthy.” 

Governor Phil Scott has designated mental health, substance use disorder, and development disabilities services staff as essential workers.  In addition to the clinical services we offer, our residential staff, therapeutic school staff, shared living providers, and foster parents are working selflessly and tirelessly to support Vermonters in our various programs.   

You can find your local agency, or learn more about how to access services here.  Intake phone numbers and crisis lines are one click away here.  More information about Vermont Care Partners and our network of sixteen agencies specializing in mental health, substance used disorder, and developmental disability services and supports in every community in Vermont is available at