Legislative Update for March 7, 2018

·       Upcoming Advocacy Events

·       House Health Care Committee Issues Recommendations on Mental Health Funding

·       House Appropriations Committee Deliberations

·       Administration’s Concerns with House Committee of Education Special Education Bill

·       Brattleboro Retreat Testifies at House Corrections and Institutions

·       AHS Facilities Plan Receiving both Support and Scrutiny

·       Vermont Senate and House Pass two different Gun Violence Protection Measures

·       Trauma Bill is Teed up for Approval by the full Senate

·       Study Bill on Orders of Non-Hospitalization Passes Senate and Lands in House Health Care Committee

·       Senate Health and Welfare Committee Approves Universal Primary Care Study Bill

·       Disability Awareness Day A Big Success

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Legislative Update for February 26, 2018

  • Upcoming Advocacy Events
  • House Health Care Committee Takes a Deep Dive on Mental Health Funding
  • Commissioner of Mental Health Melissa Bailey Highlights the Changes in the DMH Budget Request
  • George Karabakakis Represents Views of HCRS and Vermont Care Partners to House Health
  • ED Physician Dr. Mashkuri Adds Perspective
  • Dr. Pierattini of UVMC speaks to the Demand for Inpatient and ED Care
  • Wilda White of Vermont Psychiatric Survivors (VPS) Weighs In
  • House Committee on Health Care Discussion
  • Morning Fox Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Mental Health
  • Julie Tessler of Vermont Care Partners Makes Final Plea for Support for Stage 2 Workforce Investment
  • House Education Committee Passes Census Funding Bill


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Legislative Update for February 20, 2018

  • House Human Services Sends Budget Priorities for House Appropriations Committee
  • House Health Care Committee Receives feedback on the Budget from Mary Moulton
  • Senate Health and Welfare Finalizes S.261 and S.203
  • Senate Health and Welfare Hears about Suicide Prevention
  • Con Hogan Warns Senate Institutions Committee against a Large DOC Campus Facility Plan
  • Public Hearings on FY19 Budget
  • House Education Hears from Superintendent of Washington Northeast Supervisory Union

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Legislative Update for February 12, 2018

  • Community-Based Public Hearings on the Governor’s Recommended FY2019 State Budget
  • House Appropriations Committee Takes Testimony from DAIL Commissioner Hutt
  • DAIL Commissioner Monica Hutt Gives DAIL Budget Request Update to House Human Services
  • DMH Commissioner Melissa Bailey Presents to House Health Care
  • ACO Presentation to House Health Care by Michael Costa and Ena Backus
  • Susan Aronoff Raises Concerns about ACOs to House Health Care
  • DVHAs Reaction on Universal Primary Care Bill
  • Senate Health and Welfare Hears DMH Budget Overview from DMH
  • Senate Health and Welfare S.203 Creates a Study Committee on Orders of Non-Hospitalization (ONH)
  • House Education is working on version 7.1 of the Special Education Funding Bill
  • Testimony by Dr. Mark Levine and Jolinda LaClair at House Human Services

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Legislative Update for February 6, 2018

Community-Based Public Hearings on the Governor’s Recommended FY2019 State Budget; Mental Health Advocacy Day; Matt Habendank and Tiffany Moore Present to House Education Committee; Matt Habendank and Michael Curtis Present at Senate Education Committee; Elizabeth Sightler Educates House Human Services on Developmental Disabilities; Clay Gilberts Educates House Human Services Committee on Substance Use Disoarders; House Health Care Committee Hears Feedback of Governor’s Budget and Act 82 Report; Commissioner of Mental Health Presents to House Appropriations Committee; Commissioner of Health Presents to House Appropriations Committee; House Human Services Receives Agency of Human Services Budget Overview; Con Hogan Weighs in on the Facilities Plan to House Corrections and Institutions Committee; House Approves Budget Adjustment as Amended by the Senate; AHS Secretary Gobeille Runs Through AHS FY19 Budget Proposal for Senate Appropriations.

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Legislative Update for January 29, 2018

Health Advocacy Day on Wednesday, January 31, 2018; House Appropriations Statewide Budget Hearings; Secretary Gobeille Gives Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Overview to House Appropriations; Hospital Association Reports Progress on Act 82; Senate Health and Welfare Continues to Hear Testimony on ACES Bill, S.261; Paul Dragon Reports on the Workforce Report required in Act 82; House Health Care Explores Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs); Senate Health and Welfare Reviews Facilities Report; House Education Continues testimony from Tammy Kolbe; 

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Legislative Update for January 24, 2018

Upcoming Advocacy Events; House Appropriations Statewide Budget Hearings; Governor Scott Presents his Proposal for the Fiscal Year 2019 (FY19) Budget; Senate Health and Welfare Addresses Childhood Trauma in S.261; House Health Care Receives Overview of Medicaid ACO Pilot; Senate Health and Welfare Reviews Act 82 Reports; Senate Health and Welfare Discusses Budget Adjustment with Senator Kitchel, Chair of Appropriations

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Legislative Update for January 18, 2018

Mental Health Advocacy Day; Advocacy Training; House Appropriations Committee Recommend Fiscal Year 2018 (FY18) Budget Adjustment; Senate Appropriations Starts Budget Adjustment Bill; Senate and House Education Committees Study Special Education; Senate Health and Welfare Consider Universal Primary Care S.53; House Corrections and Institution and House Health Care Committee hears AHS Facility Report

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Legislative Update for January 5, 2018

Join in Mental Health Advocacy Day on Wednesday, January 31, 2018; Advocacy Training; House and Senate Health Care Committees will Collaborate on Mental Health; Budget Adjustment Act Highlights; Vermont Care Partners Workforce Report

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Legislative Update for March 26, 2017

Investment in the Crisis Services in House Budget Bill; Senate Poised to Pass Bill to Improve Workforce Compensation, Crisis Services and Care Coordination; House Health Care Committee Gets an Update on Medicaid Pathway; Grenon Bill Passes the House of Representatives on the Anniversary of Phil Grennon’s Death; ACES Legislation Teed up for House Vote and the Senate has Already Taken Testimony; Duty to Warn; Offender with Mental Illness Legislation Passes the Senate; Independent Contractor Legislation

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