Duty to Warn Bill Voted out of Senate Judiciary; Senate Health and Welfare Studies Workforce Issues; House Health Care Committee Learns about the Medicaid Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Pilot; Senate Health and Welfare looks at Licensure Challenges; Cath Burns, Quality Director of Vermont Care Partners presents on Outcomes of DA/SSAs; Senate Health and Welfare Hears from AHS about the Medicaid Pathway; Public Budget Hearing February 16, 2017; House Health Committee Takes on Bill on Creating a Mental Health Crisis Response Commission; House Appropriations Committee Listens to the DAIL Budget; House Human Services learn about Early Childhood Mental Health; House Health and Senate Health and Welfare Hear from Mental Health Workers; House Health Committee Hears from Secretary of AHS Al Gobeille; House Human Services Hears about DA/SSAs and Developmental Services; Senate Health and Welfare Committee Hears Perspective on Patient Flow; Up Coming Advocacy Events at the State House – Disability Awareness Day March 23, 2016  

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