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Clara Martin Center (CMC)

Mental Health Services:

Randolph Area: 802-728-4466

Bradford Area: 802-222-4477

Wilder Area: 802-295-1311

24/7 SUPPORT/CRISIS LINES: 800-639-6360 Call Now

Community Care Network Rutland Mental Health Services (RMHS)

Mental Health Services: 802-775-2381

Developmental Services: 802-775-0828 x204

24/7 SUPPORT/CRISIS LINES: 802-775-1000 Call Now

Families First in Southern Vermont (FFSV)

Developmental Services:

Brattleboro: 802-275-4919

Wilmington: 802-464-9633

Health Care and Rehabilitation Services (HCRS)

All Services: 802-886-4500

Support Line for Managing COVID Stress and Anxiety: 1-800-917-1622

24/7 SUPPORT/CRISIS LINES: 800-622-4235 Call Now

NFI Vermont, Inc. (NFI)

Child/Youth/Family Mental Health Services: 802-658-0040

Northeast Kingdom Human Services (NKHS)


All Services: 802-334-6744

24/7 SUPPORT/CRISIS LINES: 802-334-6744 Call Now

St. Johnsbury:

All Services: 802-748-3181

24/7 SUPPORT/CRISIS LINES: 802-748-3181 Call Now

United Counseling Service of Bennington County (UCS)

Mental Health Services: 802-442-5491

Developmental Services: 802-445-7318

Manchester Area:

24/7 SUPPORT/CRISIS LINES: 802-362-3950 Call Now

Bennington Area:

24/7 SUPPORT/CRISIS LINES: 802-442-5491 Call Now

Upper Valley Services (UVS)

Developmental Services:

Bradford Area: 802-222-9235

Randolph Area: 802-728-4475