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LCMHS is a collaborative community mental health designated agency providing comprehensive therapeutic-based mental health, developmental, behavioral, and family support services to the Lamoille Valley. Nearly all of our work happens in the communities where our consumers live—in their homes, in their schools, in their child care programs, in their jobs. We know that the best path to health and wellness is the one that ensures a full, meaningful life. This includes a steady job, meeting success in school, developing strong relationships and good friends, maintaining good nutrition and healthy exercise, as well as feeling the sun on our faces and clean, fresh air in our lungs.

Services Offered

The communities we serve are rural, with large pockets of high poverty. Our impact spans Lamoille County, as well as Hardwick, Greensboro, Craftsbury, Woodbury and Stannard. Our programs serve over 1000 Vermonters each year—over 350 of those are children. Our team works with individuals who have some of the highest needs of any of their peers.

LCMHS main office is at 72 Harrel Street in Morrisville. We operate two residential facilities, the Johnson Group Home and Copley House, a crisis stabilization program, as well as operating a non-medical, short-term detox for people in crisis due to alcohol or other drug incapacitation and Oasis House. Our school-based behavioral intervention and clinical supports operate in 23 local schools. Our Supported Employment Programs consistently have some of the best employment numbers in the state, helping our consumers to live productive, self-directed lives.

Lamoille County Mental Health Services


Some of our more innovative programs include:

The Redwood Program, which uses a collaborative model of behavior intervention between local schools, families, and LCMHS to provide wrap-around services benefitting students across school, community, and home settings.  This program operates throughout the school year and continues after school ends with a six week summer camp that is free for the children in the program to attend.

Lamoille Outreach Alliance, which works with local and state police to proactively support people identified as moving toward crisis.

LCMHS is the host to the first Genoa Pharmacy in the state, where consumers, their families and support providers, as well as staff and their families, receive comprehensive integration of their prescription needs across all of their providers.   

Oasis House is a short term crisis diversion program which can avoid hospitalization and residential care.

LCMHS employee Wellness Program has been hailed as one of the strongest in the state.

Community Partnerships

Our community partnerships span every facet of life in the Lamoille Valley.  As a partner in the Lamoille Outreach Alliance and through the Mobile Crisis Team, we work closely with local and state police.  Our staff work in 22 schools, in numerous child care programs, and with countless local employers. We interact and collaborate with Copley Hospital, Community Health Services of the Lamoille Valley and primary care providers to ensure coordinated care of our consumers.